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FAQ on Conversion From PayRoll to GIRO Deduction

(Applies to SingTel & Singapore Post Employees Only)

Why is there a change from payroll to GIRO deduction?

You would have received advice from SingTel and Singapore Post regarding cessation of payroll deduction arrangement with TCC Ltd. As such your monthly contribution to your savings account in TCC Ltd has to be through GIRO.

Who are involved in the GIRO deduction?

Ordinary members who are employed with SingTel, Singapore Post and its subsidiaries and are making their monthly savings contribution to their accounts at TCC Ltd.

Do I need to apply for GIRO deduction if I have an existing loan with TCC?

No. Ordinary members who have existing loans with TCC will continue to repay their loans via payroll deduction until the loans are fully settled.

Which bank account should I use for my GIRO deduction?

Please use the same GIRO Bank account that you use for receiving your pay. The deduction date will be from 13th to 15th of each month. This means the deduction will be effected as soon as you receive your pay. You need not worry that you do not have enough funds for deduction to your TCC account(s).

What must I do when I receive a GIRO application form?

Fill up the relevant information for us to process. Please ensure that ignature must be the same as that of your bank passbook.

Do I need to verify my thumbprint at the banks?

Yes, it must be verified with your bank.

Do I need to apply for a GIRO if I have an S4 account?


What should I do when I have completed the GIRO application form?

Please sent it to our office located at 95 Killiney Road, Singapore 239537.

Will I be advised if my GIRO application is successful?

We will advise you only if the bank rejects and returns your GIRO application. The GIRO application form will be returned to you to do the necessary.

Can I contribute by cash or cheque into my TCC savings account?

TCC currently only accepts GIRO contributions to the account.

Please contact our Member Services Officers at 6319 3700, should you have any query or face any difficulty in filling up the GIRO application form

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