Associate Members

  • Normal Savings with TCC.
  • Have no direct salary deduction from their employer to TCC and are usually not related to a TCC Ordinary Member.
  • They usually save with TCC by monthly GIRO deduction from a bank account.
  • Membership is applicable to all Singaporeans and Singapore PRs aged 16 years old and above.

Please print the below form. Fill up all applicable fields and send to us together with a copy of your NRIC.

*When filling the GIRO Form, if your bank account is verified by thumbprint, you will need to place your thumbprint (in black ink) in the signature section. The form must then be brought to your bank for verification before sending to TCC Credit Co-operative Limited.

**Both the membership form and GIRO form need to be completed and sent to TCC Credit Co-operative.

Click here to download Membership Form