TCC will be having our very own TCC Open House on 20 May 2017 Saturday. Join us and be enriched by the wide range of loan packages with its benefits specially for you. We will also be showcasing our membership benefits.

Successful loan applicants on the Open House day will stand a chance to be our lucky draw winners to receive shopping vouchers too. See you in our Open House!

Event Details:

Event name: TCC Open House Day 2017-

Time: 9am-3pm

Venue: TCC Office, 95 Killiney Road S239537

To apply for our loans, please bring along your:

  • latest payslip,
  • latest 15 months CPF statement, and
  • NRIC copy.

Our loans will require at least 1 -2 sureties. Members with membership more than 5 years can apply for our personal loans with no sureties.

AGM Loyal Membership Award Winners & Subscription Lucky draw Winners

TCC Credit Co-operative Limited is giving out 70 awards to both loyal membership award winners and subscription lucky draw winners

Please See below the winners' details


  • Sa'ad B Hitam S009XXXXE
  • Tien Kok Eng S129XXXXA
  • Mohamed Sabtu B Hassan S000XXXXG
  • Tan Chwee Soon S016XXXXD
  • Linda Lim Soh Hiong S007XXXXF
  • Lim Yeoh Moh S009XXXXC
  • Abdul Latief Bin Mahmoud S137XXXXA
  • Siti Munirah Bte Sh Husain S149XXXXC
  • Sunreh B Abdul Samad S022XXXXG
  • Lee Guat Eng Koh Rusy S018XXXXG
  • Loh Miew Ling S125XXXXE
  • Idris B Abu Samah S110XXXXI
  • Krishnan Tamilmany S119XXXXC
  • Poh Chin Lee S147XXXXC
  • Mohd Ali Bin Suri S131XXXXG
  • Miskun Bin Omar S133XXXXC
  • Roslinda Bte Haris S125XXXXH
  • Halijah Bte Chik S142XXXXH
  • Yong Keung Fen S019XXXXB
  • Rahimah Bte Hamid S124XXXXH
  • Wong Foon Yow S140XXXXH
  • Moontamah A Salleh S114XXXXZ
  • Vijayalakshmi D/O Chakrapani S138XXXXD
  • Albert Tay Kim Guan S008XXXXD
  • Ang Chong Hoe S119XXXXH
  • Abdul Rahman B Abdullah S000XXXXG
  • Chng Teck Chay S018XXXXD
  • Lim Chey Kim S141XXXXB
  • Hamidah Bte Amid S137XXXXF
  • Salem B Karolah S144XXXXB
  • Lim Lay Hwa S171XXXXJ
  • Arshad Bin Ahmad S006XXXXZ
  • Tan Tit Ngee S117XXXXH
  • Mariah Binte Husain S114XXXXF
  • Rashid Bin Mohamed S138XXXXH
  • Kunasegari D/O V P Pillai S116XXXXJ
  • Mustapha Kamal Bin Rida S123XXXXB
  • Sundaram Krishnakumari S119XXXXA
  • Tham Sai Moi Shirley S200XXXXI
  • Ahamad Saidnudin B Sulaiman S217XXXXI
  • Cheok Chwee Lek Ronnie S002XXXXI
  • Goh Siang Kheng S121XXXXF
  • Noryati Bte Said S140XXXXC
  • Munir Shah B Yusoff S148XXXXD
  • Chin Lee Eng S122XXXXI
  • Wong Siew May S115XXXXD
  • Lee Kim Seng S112XXXXE
  • Pavadaisamy Kaneson S003XXXXG
  • Bibi Zohrah D/O Haider Shah S158XXXXA
  • Kwan Wan Cheong Patrick S000XXXXD


  • Tan Seng Poh Johnny S057XXXXF
  • Ng Choon Nio S201XXXXG
  • Low Sze Thiam S701XXXXD
  • Tan Ait Joo S021XXXXE
  • Kwan Keng Keong S006XXXXC
  • Ong Keng Hoo S006XXXXB
  • Sukarti Bte Masod S110XXXXE
  • Tan Beng Teck S000XXXXF
  • Vailani Bin Wahid S684XXXXI
  • Bernardette D/O A Victo S160XXXXJ
  • Lim Ngoh Lee S125XXXXI
  • Pamela Lee Huiying S833XXXXH
  • Sia Sor Hoon S701XXXXJ
  • Tan Kim Choo S110XXXXZ
  • Absah Bte Shuib S154XXXXI
  • Munir Shah B Yusoff S148XXXXD
  • Chong Shu Hian S020XXXXZ
  • Wong Yee Ping S000XXXXH
  • Ang Eng Soo S117XXXXC
  • Lim Li See S117XXXXF


Exciting Event

TCC Credit Co-operative is organising a Movie Screening - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on 15 December 2016.

Date: 15 December 2016 Thursday night

Venue: Plaza Singapura GV theatre

Pricing: $2 for members whose membership is more than 5 years; $4 for members whose membership is 5 years or less $9.50 for non-members

Registration time(to collect the movie tickets): 6:30pm onwards

Screening time: 7pm

To register, please email mktgpromo@tcc.org.sg

Thank you.

Dear All,

TCC is currently having a Local Education Loan Promotion!

Interest rate is only at 2.2% flat rate per annum and is for a limited period only.

Apply today to enjoy this great discount.

You may visit http://bit.ly/1NBvU1Q to download the application form. and email it and the document to loan@tcc.org.sg or fax to 6738 1977.

For any enquiries please feel free to call us at 63193700

From the management of TCC Credit Co-operative.

Dear TCC members,

Good News! In celebration of the upcoming CNY. Our Corporate Partner, Polar Puffs has special discounts for TCC members with regards to their Christmas logcakes and goodies


  1. Cashew Nuts 250gm TCC Price: $12 U.P: $16


  1. Kueh Bangkit 170gm TCC Price:$13  U.P:$17.80


  1. Love Letter 90 pieces  TCC Price- $14  U.P:$18.80  

      4. Pineapple Pillow  TCC price: $14 U.P: $18.80

  1. Classic Red Velvet -1.1kg   -      $35  U.P:$49

Order cut-off date will be by 18 January 2017 Wednesday.

Delivery date will be on 24 January 2017 and 25 January2017. Place your order by emailing to mktgpromo@tcc.org.sg


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