TCC Membership

TCC Credit Co-operative Limited is a Credit Co-operative in operations since 1928.It allows you to take advantage of a wide range of benefits as a member :-

  • Attractive interest rates on Savings and Fixed Terms Deposits
  • 24 hour banking access via Internet, Telephone and TCC’s ATM
  • Competitive interest rates on our wide range of loans
  • Hospitalization Grant
  • Fruit Basket to be sent to members in hospital.

    • Member must be a member for at least 1 year.
    • Maximum once per year
  • Annual Scholarship & Bursory Awards
  • Baby Bonus
    • Members who register their newborn within 3 months of birth are entitled to receive

      a one- time payment of $150.
    • Claimable for up to two children
  • Loyal membership Awards

Enrol as a member today. Call 6319 3700 and have our friendly customer service sign you up.
Experience a whole new world of service with TCC.

Becoming a member

TCC is a membership-based organisation. In simple terms being a member of TCC means you have opened a savings account with TCC and every month you save a portion of your salary (the minimum monthly savings amount is $10).

Types of member

Ordinary Members Oct 9, 36 days ago
Ordinary Members
Ordinary Members
Members with Direct Contribution of Salary to Account….
Family Members Oct 9, 36 days ago
Family Members
Family Members
Members with a direct relationship to Ordinary Member….
Associate Members Oct 9, 36 days ago
Associate Members
Associate Members
Members with normal Savings with TCC….