Taking a loan from TCC

Types of Loans

Personal Loan

If you need finance for any purpose, come and see us. Our policy is to assist members wherever and whenever we can.

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Local Education Loan

Thinking of furthering your studies to achieve your dreams and aspirations. With TCC’s Local Education Loan, your dream becomes reality.

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Consolidation Loan

Are you caught in the rat race and are still trying your best to manage it. With our consilidated loan your credit management will be easier.

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Renovation Loan

Members will find the interest rates on TCC’s Renovation Loans very competitive. Renovation Loan applications should include an accurate

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Marriage Loan/ Wedding Loan

TCC is geared up totally, to help young couples overcome the financial hurdles they are presented with during these critical years

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Medicare Loan

TCC is ready to provide members with financial assistance in times of medical needs with our Medi-care Loan.

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100% Loan / 50% Loan Overseas Education Loan Skills and Enhancement Loan
Housing Loan Bridging Loan Lifestyle Loan
Home Equity Loan

Processing fees
* Loans are subject to processing fees based on loan type.

The values of TCC, which make us different from other financial institutions, are clearly reflected in our lending policies:

Fair and competitive interest rates
We aim to keep interest rates as low as we possibly can for members. Generally lending rates for different types of loans reflect the risk associated with each type of loan.

TCC Cares
TCC aims to provide fast processing with the maximum convenience to members. We consider all applications, and make every effort to accommodate the needs of our members.

TCC is flexible
We are a “values” based organisation; our rules do not get in the way of our service.

TCC is honest
When you apply for a loan from us, our Member Service Officers will explain all of the relevant details concerning the application. TCC Member Service Officers are required to explain the rights and obligations of all parties under the loan agreement. We offer to explain how the interest is calculated on loans and how best to “minimise” interest paid.

General requirements for loans

  • TCC considers the combined income of a married couple in any joint loan application.
  • The applicant(s) and his or her surety(s) are required to provide proof of income in the form of a salary slip or if need be a letter of employment or a tax return.
  • Sureties or guarantors are required for most unsecured loans (loans without collateral) including Education Loans, Renovation Loans, Bridging Loans and most Personal Loans.
  • Loan applicants must be gainfully employed and have sufficient disposable income to comfortably meet the loan repayments.